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What Free Hacks do you want to see?

Discussion in 'Free Hacks' started by KozmoK, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. KozmoK

    KozmoK Hacker Cracker Staff Member Admin

    What other Free hacks do you want to see? (that I have coded already for, and have them laying around doing nothing)

    BF4 Heroes
    BF4 Play4Free
    Call of Duty 4
    Call of Duty 5
    xxx123456 likes this.
  2. vafvaf

    vafvaf RAC MASTER

    Play4Free. Poll will be better.
    Boss_A likes this.
  3. lailainoob

    lailainoob NOOBLET

    BF2142? A classic.
    Boss_A likes this.
  4. Colonel

    Colonel KOZBOT GOD

    Doom 3 (hehehe) :)
  5. KozmoK

    KozmoK Hacker Cracker Staff Member Admin

    I will post a Play4Free basic hack this weekend.
    sicklab and RACtivision like this.
  6. Seraphim

    Seraphim NOOB

    COD4 just because it's so fun to rage.
  7. Boss_A

    Boss_A Boss_ADVANTAGE H.A. LifeTime Friend

    Just played 2142 and there was lots of people playing still!!! Never gets old
  8. sicklab

    sicklab NOOB

    Vote for Play4free sir !
  9. RACtivision

    RACtivision KOZBOT GOD Staff Member

  10. KozmoK

    KozmoK Hacker Cracker Staff Member Admin

    I released my BF2 hack for free - free for anyone to download and use.
  11. G1ZM0


    titanfall beta
    xDxta likes this.
  12. pwndu

    pwndu NOOBLET

    For some popularity, DayZ/Rust. For giggles, CS:S/1.6/CoD2/BF1942 the list goes on with known oldies that are still played.
  13. paltik007

    paltik007 NOOBLET

    Haha, I know it isn't in the list.
    titanfall, I wouldn't even mind paying for it :)
  14. Shadow22

    Shadow22 RAC MARAUDAR

    I would love to see CoD4 and BF P4F.
  15. wowfun2

    wowfun2 VIP Call of Duty 4 BOP2 VIP

    Call of Duty Black ops 1! I can't find any Black Ops 1 hacks around the website and I want to come back play that game again ha! :D
  16. Dscheksn

    Dscheksn NOOB

    Leauge of Legends: People say its impossible to hack the map or other stuff. Its a free Game. You have 40.000.000 Players there. Thats a lot of money. You are the greatest Coder i have seen in form of Aimbot. Like i wrote in my Profile in my old game from 2002 "Tactical Ops" i would have been so glad to have such stuff.
    Arma 3 Altis Life: I recently played this having a money hack that worked with memory editor. I have no clue what it did but it got detected and well, 30 € for nothing, i am banned. Would love to have you there 2^^
  17. hailai

    hailai NOOBLET

    @Dscheksn there is already bot which i use. it is pretty cool and it has some visuals like wards check and hidden items.
  18. AvireX

    AvireX NOOBLET


    Its free on steam, and it has much Players...I think its a Nice Game, which you should add to your list
  19. Starfyre

    Starfyre KOZBOT GOD

    Arma 3 / DayZ Standalone:p
    HackTchoum, Moses8980 and Shadow22 like this.

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