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Where Are The Intel Skylake I7 6700k Cpu's ??


Hacker Cracker
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Intel! You lied to us.

The global release of SkyLake Aug 5th really wasn't global. While your an american company, you release all your stock to European country's first.

No US Distributers have received ANY 6700k's CPU's as of 8/14/2015 - You can't buy a 6700K unless you have it exported from Europe/UK.

Why did you do this? Was it a mistake on someone part? If it was, Own it.

You say North America is experiencing Low Stock, and it will be remedied soon... Well There was ZERO stock to begin with, and how soon is soon? Are they on a ship, train, bus, assembly line? Help us to know when we can fire up our Expensive Rigs we just put together thinking you'd have your ducks lined up available. You haven't really released ANY information on this!

Intel, you Failed/Flopped this release in my Opinion.

Some Reasons why 6700k's were not released here:

1) Honest human mistake
2) They found a problem with the first batches - and know that US Customers can easily class action sue them - while other people in other countries - probably not.
3) Marketing ploy to get US to buy the lower i5 6600'ks
4) Some how you were to capitalize on selling them overseas

I do believe we will have them at the end of August this year.
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