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Who we are, and What we do

Discussion in 'Videos' started by Jed1M1ndTr1k, Mar 25, 2011.

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  1. Jed1M1ndTr1k

    Jed1M1ndTr1k KOZBOT GOD

    This site only contains Hacks for PC games. No XBOX, or PS3 hacks here.

    Have you ever bought a PC game, loaded it up, went into a multiplayer game - and no matter how hard you hide - or how fast you click, there is always someone shooting you or finding you?
    Almost like you have no chance against them?

    Well, we sell those hacks.

    We are Called HackersAdvantage.Net aka RentACheat because in essence you are really just renting a cheat...You wont own it - which is good... Online Games Update alot - so I have to update them a lot. Dispersing these hacks to individuals would be troublesome, and then there would be no way of tracking who uses them. They would end up on IpTorrents or some other file sharing server - for anyone to take.

    Why do we Hack? If we dont, someone else will. We offer very inexpensive hacks that are used to combat the expensive ones! We are a small site that has been virtually undetected at this point. I am the only Coder here, you can speak directly to me if you wish, although I have over 7 staff members who can help you just the same.

    Since we are small - I can focus on the needs of the users. I am constantly updating the Hacks - to keep you the customer happy.

    Our hacks will give you the Gamers Edge you need against those that irrate you while in game. You do not need to turn on every feature of the hack - some people dont even use the aimbot.. They just want to know where the enemy is so they can look like they are playing legit.

    Give us a try, I know you will enjoy your stay here!

    We only use paypal, so dont bother PM'ing me asking for other forms of payment. If you only have a Credit/Debit card Paypal can use that.
    We don't keep charging it every month like other hack sites do - one time payment thats it. If you like it, you can re-subscribe when the time comes.

    What to watch out for from other sites:
    1) Make sure their site has been around a long time and has a good reputation. A lot of kiddies will learn to compile other peoples examples and put up a hack site - not knowing how to bypass Punk Buster.
    This will get you banned quickly.
    2) Ask when their last detections were. If they are not honest with you or tell you, forget them! They are hiding something!
    3) Don't do re-occuring payments! A lot of people don't know this is happing until its too late..
    4) Refunds.... If the hack doesnt work, make sure they will give you a refund. I always give refunds who's PC wont run the hack (very rare)
    5) Drama - Check the forums for any type of drama, or negativity - or posts that slam the hacks. Hopefully the site is honest and don't delete the true posts.
    6) Find out who the Coders are. Are the Coders a site owner? Usually this is good to know when Game updates happen. If the Coder is apart of the site directly, Updates happen a lot faster.

    Just some tips I would look out for.


    Admin and Coder
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 17, 2014
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