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Will BF 3 ESP Only hack become cheaper?

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Unlist3d, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. Unlist3d

    Unlist3d NOOBLET

    Since BF 4 coming out? Also is it lower detection rate than full hack?
  2. Unlist3d

    Unlist3d NOOBLET

    Actually it doesn't mater I bough it. :)
  3. Sawatdee

    Sawatdee RAC MENTOR

    :rolleyes: "sigh" :rolleyes:
    how could it possibly get any cheaper?
    YOU try coding a hack such as bf3 esp only and all the supporting
    maintenance required to keep it running...
    on top of that...countless hours answering stupid questions like this one.

    no it won't become cheaper...if anything it should become more expensive
    and I for one would support any increase to offset the difference :)
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  4. RammelKuchen

    RammelKuchen NOOBLET

    That´s right, it´s damn hard to code a hack, I´ve tried it once and... it worked, but I get banned immediately.
    And this, after x-hours of work.
    Until now, I´m not owning a hack from this website, because I wanna wait for my new graphic card, then I´ll buy BF4 and if I like BF4, I´ll buy the RAC-Hack.
    Okay, back to the topic, KozmoK should make the hacks more expensive, as Sawatdee said, it´s ******* hard to code a hack und KozmoK is doing a great job!
  5. logi2000

    logi2000 Hmmm... return of the mack?

    @Sawatdee that's slightly harsh, regardless of the question there was no need to be like that.

    @Unlist3d, generally when newer games/ versions comes out there tends to be a small decrease on the price but its at Koz's discretion. Either way he will let you know. he is currently busy on BF4 and soon to be COD :)
  6. Sawatdee

    Sawatdee RAC MENTOR

    hey logi2000....what decrease in prices do you know about?
    or are you only talking about the price of the game and not the hack :)

    it stands to reason if there is still the same amount of work required to maintain a hack
    with less peeps to pay for it then the logical and only thing to do is to increase the price
    or remove it altogether....KozmoK is friggin awesome with all the extra work he does and
    just how much he cares...however he isn't doing it for charity :)

    also...my comment was not harsh just factual...if I wanted to be harsh I would have said "fucking stupid!" :p
    but being a nice guy and all...I was polite :)
  7. Arnold


    I'm thinking that the only way for the BF3 ESP Only hack to be cheaper to YOU is if you buy a cheaper CD key. Buying a key at retail, whatever the price is nowadays, plus a RAC sub is probably going to be more than a key from one of the many key stores online PLUS a RAC sub. Same goes for BF4. Look for a cheaper key (or keys :p) online because Koz's hack is gonna be worth playing with. For me, I can't decide which key to use Koz's work on, my Premium or my other standard one. I guess I'll use my standard one to 'study' player tendencies on and so forth...;)

    The prices here that Koz has set aren't the problem. It's the price of the game that's killing us all. EA has made hand over fist on BF3 already, and they probably made all their development and marketing costs back within the first few months of BF3 being released. The same will probably be true for BF4. Piracy of the game is no longer a major issue with these developers; it's retaining the gaming demographic with a better product to keep them coming back for more, lest they find another avenue of entertainment to spend their money on. And for us die-hard BF3 veterans and RACsters, we just keep coming back for more...

    I was reading somewhere that EA and other publishers actually acknowledge the whole hacking/aimbotting genre and have referred it as yet another demographic that generates income, with the indirect help of the gaming police, of course. When we get caught, which we all eventually do (but Koz's work has historically been the least detected), most of us will continue to feed the EA machine and buy the game again, right?

    EA has the golden goose, and the golden duck, chicken and turkey too.
    Jaidee likes this.

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