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I Need Help Will You Develop A H1z1 Hack ????

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Christoff, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. Christoff

    Christoff NOOBLET

    Need a good H1Z1 hack, so far the hacks from this website are awesome so can you please make one for H1Z1
  2. wowfun2

    wowfun2 VIP BOP2 VIP

    There a good chance he won't do that because H1Z1 always get constantly updates and also there's been a crazy rate of detection.

    So basically it not worth cheating in H1Z1 at all. In my opinion...
    Jaidee likes this.
  3. g0mba

    g0mba Coder Hack Coder

    I have actually been developing one, but I have been in the hospital the past week. So, you may see one on here in the future.

    Right now it has:
    ESP Options
    • Distance
    • Names
    • Boxes (not lazy Box ESP, uses actual bounding boxes)
    • Show Zombies
    • Show Players
    • Show Everything Else
    • Landmark ESP (Shows major areas on the ESP)
    • ESP color changes based on visibility and type
    Aimbot with visibility checks. Aimbot needs to be improved a bit.

    The esp also filters out a bunch of stupid common containers, so it won't be super cluttered.

    I know how to do crazy features like teleport on top of people, noclip, speedhack, etc... But, I quickly found out these are a good way to get your account banned, so I would not be putting those features in the hack for the sake of keeping the user safe. I am also looking into bypassing their hardware ID bans.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2015
    dokdobler likes this.
  4. dokdobler

    dokdobler NOOBLET

    Nice =)

    As far as I know, most of the bans results of reports but who knows what is done serversided...
  5. MarkusFl

    MarkusFl VIP CS:GO

    Can you add a mini map ESP?
    Better with sources
    Because H1Z1'view is pretty good, i don't want these ESP box ruined
  6. g0mba

    g0mba Coder Hack Coder

    Once I catch up with school after having been in the hospital for so long, I will see what I can do. I was already thinking about adding something like a radar.
    MarkusFl likes this.
  7. MarkusFl

    MarkusFl VIP CS:GO

    How's your H1Z1 hack going?
    Will you develop a GTAVI game hack?
    GTAOL Got 100 Million preorder......
  8. DeathVard


    Anyword on the H1Z!?
  9. MarkusFl

    MarkusFl VIP CS:GO

    The coder needs sometime on studying in real life, we need to be patient.
    Smockled likes this.
  10. MarkusFl

    MarkusFl VIP CS:GO

    @g0mba dude, it has been a month.
    How are you???????????
  11. g0mba

    g0mba Coder Hack Coder

    I just want to clear the air a little bit. I never said I was absolutely promising that I was bringing this cheat here. Just that I'm working on one and you MIGHT see it here.

    The anti-cheat has been really inconsistent in my testing (or at least, the way they ban me), and I have to keep spending money every time I get banned from testing. I might wait until the game goes free to play so I can toy around with it more. This is pretty much the only problem in my way (I don't have infinite amounts of money) and it isn't as simple as you might think.

    The closest thing I have for testing that won't waste me money is Planetside 2 (same engine), which I have actually been working on quite a bit - it's showing some promise. I have been doing some reverse engineering on that game's anti-cheat. Even then I'm not even sure H1Z1 uses all of the same anti-cheat elements as Planetside 2, but I have figured out some of what it does.

    One thing I have figured out is perfectly bypassing the hardware ID bans. So if it DOES come here the users won't have to worry if they get banned due to reports or whatever, they can just use the hardware ID bypasser. That's pretty much how I am able to continue testing after being banned, but I still have to buy the game again every single time.

    Basically, I'm not going to release a hack that would lower the reputation of HackersAdvantage due to bans. I want to make completely sure that it won't blow up in my face. But just remember I'm not promising anything, I'm basically working on this hack in my spare time. So, don't sit around waiting optimistically. If it's going to be here, it will be here.
    MarkusFl likes this.

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