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windows 10 restarting

so I bought a new pc finally, sadly with win 10.
so things were going ok till I was gaming bf1 and it restarted in middle of my game. wtf!!
read a lot of pages online about this issue with ALOT of different fixes for this problem.
windows update to app problems needing clean boot ect..
this is a new machine for fuck sake...
im no pc tech, period...
so my question is, does anyone have the real fix for this nonsense?
forgot to say this is not hack related/ haven't had the chance to use the hack yet.
it doesn't seem to be windows update either ,as I disabled it in services, well at least I think I did.
its what I could afford, not really a gaming rig i'd say, but should do the job.
dell xps 8930, only because we have a credit card through them,
i7 8th gen 8700
16gb memory
standard 1 tb hard drive
1060 gtx GeForce card 6gb
have no idea on mobo

so far I have seen about a 100 so called fixes for this issue online and have no idea
which one is the real fix.
probably going to send it back for a refund.
just found that the power supply fan isn't working either. this machine has issues
and is being sent back to dell for a refund. its back to my old pos pc.
really, shit, I already boxed it up.
I did set bf1 to ultra and played for 40 min and it never came on. the casing was hot.
I figure that's why it kept restarting on me cuz it was getting to hot.
every pc I ever had ,the power supply fan always stays on.
I would try and contact dell about it but you know how that goes.
I never would have thought this.
I mean why not just run all the time to keep it cool.
it was getting very hot in the machine, too hot for my liking.
I assumed it was faulty.
set it back to factory and boxed it up..

the windows issue :
so nobody has had this windows 10 restarting the machine at odd times issue? in the middle of games ?


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The only time this has ever happened to any of the PC's I've worked on (I've been a Desktop Administrator for 6 years) has been when the CPU gets overly hot and triggers a re-boot. Why it happens in the middle of a game makes sense, because it would be under the most load at this time. Add to the fact that the thermal incline of the 8700 series is already really hot to begin with..and boop! restart.
well that makes sense, my power supply fan was not coming on at all, I knew it was getting to hot.

what is your opinion on the processor itself, is it good even though it runs hot?

do you agree that these new power supplies don't run the fan all the time? which makes no sense to me.
I just took a better look at the design of this pc, dell 8930. the way the case is designed there is only 3/4 of
an inch between the backside of the power supply and the processor fan. stupid. then you add a video card
into the pci slot and that furthers the blockage of air to the processor.. wtf! should have though about that
before purchase but its only one of two I can get finance wise.
then you add in the fan for power supply not coming on and yeh! real hot!!


Jaidee's Evil American Clone
H.A. LifeTime Friend
Dell cases have horrible thermal systems. THAT one is very bad.

Have you tried applying for Amazon credit?
sadly I have bad credit/ the dell account belongs to my son. which he allows my wife access.
Oh well its all good , thanks for the info.
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