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Would this be safe...

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by TheRevolution, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. TheRevolution

    TheRevolution LifeTime Friend H.A. LifeTime Friend

    I have a premium account that I don't want hack with but I still have that urge to cheat. Getting raped by hackers in almost every sever isn't fun anymore. I seriously can't find a server where the top 3-4 players don't have a 5:1 k/d ratio. So, if I purchase a 2nd key to hack with would my premium account be safe if my hacking account eventually gets banned?? I would obviously have 2 unique IDs but they would both be at the same IP address. Think that would cause any issues??

    Anyone with some real world experience with this?? I don't want people guessing at the answer. I would hate to lose the $90 I spent on this premium account.
  2. KozmoK

    KozmoK Hacker Cracker Staff Member Admin

    Yeah thats a tough one with IP's and all.

    Diff email, Diff Origin Account, Diff Ip's I think you will be safe.
  3. Smockled

    Smockled KOZBOT GOD Staff Member

    The same IPs i think would only be a problem with hack streaming services, like PBBans because they can link your account, and someone might call out your premium account as a hack also...

    but yah, to be safe, every time you switch btw accounts, you should use a different ip, that way if by some chance they ban your premium account, you can just claim that you have a dynamic ip and that your modem resets every night...
  4. GanjaPermit


    I have 2 hard drives, one for premium another one for normal version of bf3, when I swap my HDs my hardware id changes so it might be different computer, I have stable ip but it might be a case that someone else can use my internet too or 2nd computer with different specs, so I can always say that its shared PC or shared internet connection.
  5. TheRevolution

    TheRevolution LifeTime Friend H.A. LifeTime Friend

    Damn, sounds like no easy or safe way to pull it off. There is just so many hackers out there still despite all the PB bans and I want to be one of them. Hell, every site has now been detected at least once, so no one is safe anymore.

    Thanks for the input everyone!! I'll have to think about this a little longer. I have to be absolutely sure I can keep my premium account safe cause I ain't risking that one. :)
  6. 1234w00t

    1234w00t RAC MARAUDAR

    I actually have taken it as step further. I have two comps, each with its own BF3 account. Same ip though (although its dynamic). I did get hit once on the hack pc, but the other was fine. Still worked over EA to get a free key on the banned comp.
    TheRevolution likes this.
  7. coolguy

    coolguy RAC MASTER

    Im not too sure if this is correct but if you are using a dynamic ip , it would eventually change meaning that your public ip address will change whenever your provider has set it to or when you reboot your router/modem ?

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