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Your impressions of BF 5 (so far)


Jaidee's Evil American Clone
H.A. LifeTime Friend
I really want to know if this feels like a BF title to anyone else?

Flying is garbage.
Death / revive system sucks.
Spotting is horrible.
Running out of ammo in a minute blows.
Where the fuck is the engie wrench???

Yeah, yeah..it's just BETA..

And aside from EA/Dice basically shitting on the community..what are your thoughts on the game so far?
I have not played it yet, been too busy enjoying BF4. What I have read about ammo and weapon customization makes me think it will too much busy work instead of actually playing.


Jaidee's Evil American Clone
H.A. LifeTime Friend
To customize a weapon, you have to exit a game and do it from the main menu. How fucking dumb is that?
Yeah stupid AF... Everything I have read says that the gun fights are great but there is way too much crap between them and it ruins the flow of the game.
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