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Zombi Review | Hardcore Gamer


N4G: pc news feed

Hardcore Gamer: "If theres one guaranteed hit in the entertainment industry, or least a highly profitable one, its zombies. Everyone loves those infectious, nightmare-inducing undead monsters, so what better way to get the attention of the masses than implementing them with roguelike elements in a video game? Thats exactly what Ubisoft did three years ago with Zombi U, and yet, even well past its prime, Zombi has found its way back into the headlines. It was an interesting experiment for Ubisoft, creating a punishing and violent game on a Nintendo platform, and while it was met with mixed reactions, it was still something new. Who would have thought wed see a hardcore survivalist game on the follow-up to Nintendos most casual console? Since its release, Ubisoft has joined forces with with Australian developer Straight Right to create a more modern iteration of the game, and while its a nice gesture to get this into the hands of a larger audience, it doesnt quite work out as w...

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